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Arrowhead Systems.


Nominet the UK domain registry, would like us to let you know the following information.

As well as phoning us, you can also mail our office address on the Contact Us page.

We have never had a complaint, but should you wish to do so, we will answer your correspondence within their requsted time frame of 5 days.

We understand complaints to other Nominet members sometimes get ignored and that it would be good to know in advance how to escalate it. Public humiliation via twitter or facebook seems to work these days, but we believe talking to the boss gets things sorted. If you want to talk to the MD, just ask.

Nominet have a fairly hefty set of terms and conditions, policies, proceedures and rules for people or organisations wanting to register a UK name, they have published them for potential registrants to read before obtaining a UK name.

You can find them by visiting Nominet .org.uk or clicking on these links to the main ones. Here here here and here

We will make you aware of the key points when we speak to you about registering a name, including how we administer your account and what charges you can expect for registering, renewing and maintaining your Domain Name. In the A to Z of domain extensions, there are many available from .academy to .zulu with more being made available every month.

Nominet will let you register a name for between 1 and 10 years, at the end of the term if you don't want the name or you do not renew it, Nominet will let somone else register it. We will let you know when you need to renew your name, if you are late don't worry, it's still available to renew, will continue to work for 30 days after expiry and can be renewed up to 83 days late. Subject to this Nominet Policy.

If you want to transfer out, we don't charge, just ask, we'll do it for you and unlike some of Nominet's bigger members, we don't make it look like you are about to delete your domain while trying to transfer it to take advantage of a special offer or try another service. We know that our clients usually don't want to transfer out, it's their web developers asking for the transfer rather than a simple record change.

If you would like to find out how a complaint free domain service should be, transfer your domain portfolio to us and you can actually talk to a person anytime you like at standard phone rates. Ask us set up MX or SRV records for your mail in minutes without having to dodge upselling links while navigating a confusing control panel or having to know the syntax of a zone file.

And finally...
It will probably come as no suprise, but we have an abuse email address, most network operators do. If you need to let us know someone or something on our network scanned your website or that you received a spam message that you think originated on our network (AS12870) you can use this email address.

We tried to think of an original address, but in the end settled for ........ abuse@arrowhead.systems

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